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Training and Workshops

Basic Computer Skills

  • Windows

  • Hardware and software

  • File Management

  • Accessing the internet

  • Word processing

Smartphone Training 

  • Phone and contacts: how to add contacts, answer an incoming call, and even how to hang up the phone (Seriously, don't take anything for granted.)

  • Camera: how to focus, take a photo, share photos via email or text message, and where the photos end up

  • Email: how to send an email, move emails around, create attachments

  • App Store: how to search it, download apps, where they end up

  • Notification Center: what it shows you

  • Settings: how to quickly access main settings in iOS Control Center or from Android's top bar

  • Messages: how to send and read text messages

Basic Typing Skills

  • Posture for typing

  • Home row position

  • Keyboard scheme

  • Hand and wrist placement

CyberSecurity Awareness

  • Network Security

  • Incident Management

  • Managing User Privileges

  • Security Traning

  • Malware Prevention

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